UPV Monitors

ODS Monitor

The SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Monitor shows visually the university’s scientific publications linked to one or more SDGs, providing reliable indicators to measure the university’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda.

The source of the data is Senia Bibliográfico and for the moment the results are limited to “scientific articles”. The linkage between publication and ODS is established by the authors at the time of the deposit in Senia.

UPV 2022 Monitors

Bibliographic Production Graphical Report (Monitors)

The UPV Bibliometric Graphical Report (Monitor) is born in the framework of the university’s commitment to transparency, and does so with the aim of showing the evolution of the institutional bibliographic production. The first report was in 2019 and completes the open access and monitor ODSs.

In addition to bibliometric variables such as the visibility or the impact of the publications, the report analyzes bibliographic aspects such as the institutional collaboration, the journals where UPV authors publish the most or the main funders of our research.

To contextualize the results, the indicators are compared between similar universities.

  • UPV Scientific Publications
  • Comparison of Spanish polytechnic universities
  • JCR and excellence
  • Journals
  • Collaboration and funders
  • Researchers

UPV scientific production

The following graph also shows the number of Scopus proceedings to complete the data for the period 2015-2022.

Comparison of Spanish polytechnic universities

JCR and excellence




Open Access Monitor

The UPV adheres to these principles of open access to scientific communication through its Institutional Policy on Open Access signed in 2011. In this sense, the publications of the members of the university have been disseminated through RiuNet repository for more than ten years.

In this context, monitoring open access at an institutional level and publicizing the results becomes an exercise in transparency with the international scientific community.

Aware of this need, the UPV Library publishes an Open Access Monitor that has several editions.

  • Potential Open Access.
  • Publicly funded articles. Compliance with Open Access.
  • Open Access and CRIS repository.
  • Deposit in CRIS and articles in the Web of Science. Annual evolution.
  • Ranking of UPV research structures.
  • UPV authors ranking.

Percentage of Open Access

Potential Open Access

Public funded articles. Open Access Compliance

APCs and Transformative Agreements

Open Access and CRIS deposit

Deposit in CRIS and articles in Web of Science

Ranking of UPV research structures

UPV authors ranking