Places to study

Choose your library space based on the activity you want to do.

If you are a UPV member you can freely access study areas and group study rooms depending on their availability. To use desktop computers you have to to log in with your UPV credentials.

If you are not a UPV member you can freely access the libraries except during periods reserved exclusively for UPV members, such as weekends, holidays and exam periods. Consult our opening hours.

Group work rooms

The UPV libraries offer a total of 70 group study rooms (58 in Vera, 6 in Alcoi and 6 in Gandia), some of which can be reserved through Polibuscador or the app MiUPV.

Those that cannot be reserved and those reserved through Polibuscador are loaned at the lending desks.

Many of them are equipped with whiteboards and screens. We will lend you the kitsof erasers, HDMI cables and markers at the library desk.

The maximum occupancy cannot be exceeded and the regulations must be respected.

Central Library

32 group study rooms for up to 4 people, 1 cabin for 8.

Bookable from app MiUPV

Gandia Campus Library

6 group study rooms

4 rooms for researchers (1 adapted)

Bookable through  Polibuscador

Alcoi Library

6 group study rooms

Bookable through  PoliBuscador

Agronomic Engineering Library

12 group study rooms (1 adapted)

Computer Science Library

4 group study rooms

Bookable through  PoliBuscador

Civil Engineering Library

4 group study rooms

Fine Arts Library

4 group study rooms (1 adapted)

Study areas

UPV libraries have spaces with different study environments. Find the space that best suits what you need to do: study in silence, study or work in group, use a computer.

Many of these areas allow you to plug in and charge your laptop or phone.

All libraries have spaces adapted for people with disabilities.

Remember that you also have rest areas where you can read and relax.

Intensive study

More than 300 intensive study carrels in absolutely silent rooms at the Central Library of the Vera Campus.

Individual study

More than 2000 individual study places in the UPV Libraries.

Most of them have plugs.

In all libraries there are adapted stations.

Some libraries have study carrels.

Group work

More than 200 workstations for group work in UPV libraries.

Direct access without reserve.

A moderate tone of voice is allowed for group work or shared study.

Computer room

In the Fine Arts Library you have 60 study stations with Mac computers, also set up as a study room.

In the Central Library you have five computers for your work, also prepared to work in Polilabs. Two of them have high resolution A3 scanners. One of them is adapted for use by people with disabilities.

Study Room in Business – Geomatics School

36 open-access study places.

Multipurpose room in Civil Engineering School

8 study places. Work and training space.

Project room and newspapers area in Gandia Library

16 study stations. Equipment: A3 scanner.

18 study places

UPV Library Regulation

These rules are based on the Regulations for the use of the Libraries of the Universitat Politècnica de València approved in October 2020 by the Governing Council and that you can download here.

Silence must be kept in all rooms, except in those for group work in which the tone must be moderate.

Phones and other electronic devices must be kept in silence.

You cannot eat or drink, except water, inside the library.

It is not allowed to reserve seats of study.

A correct and respectful attitude must be maintained.

The non-compliance of these rules may result in the expulsion and/or temporary disqualification for the use of library services, including borrowing, reserve or even access.