Scientific signature. ORCID

Scientific Signature

The publishing name is the one used by the researcher to sign his work, so that it identifies him and distinguishes him from other authors; it includes both the name and the institution where he works.

Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the form of the name of the author and the institution in scientific publications in order to generate visibility and acknowledgment. In other words:

  • The affiliation of the researcher.
  • The unified bibliographic name or scientific signature.

To define the scientific name go to Senia > Maintenance > Bibliographic Name.

In addition, since the Intranet scientific ids can be edited: Intranet> Personal data > Scientific identificators



The ORCID provides a unique identifier for each researcher, unifying in a single profile the different scientific signatures of the author and identifiers such as ResearcherID or AuthorID, allowing a unique identification of the author with his/her scientific production.

For more information, see our guide .