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Purpose PlanSIRVE

The UPV as a public university specifies its service in providing the best learning experience to its students, accrediting the competencies and skills acquired for the exercise of professional activities and facilitating lifelong learning. It also promotes the exchange and transfer of knowledge and research results to contribute to the sustainable transformation of society;


In 2027 the UPV will be a university committed to serving society, on its three campuses, in a sustainable manner and within its alliances: 

  • Personalize learning for each student,   
  • It has an international academic offer of certified quality;
  • Promotes transdisciplinary collaboration,  
  • It generates scientific, technological and artistic vanguard and transfers knowledge  


The UPV is an institution that, in the pursuit of the common good, and guided by the principles of freedom, equality, justice, solidarity and pluralism: 

  • It guarantees respect and inclusion;
  • Promotes collaboration and internationalization;
  • Manages resources in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner;
  • Promotes innovation and the incorporation of disruptive improvements;

Strategic goals

The strategySIRVEconnects the various ways in which UPV people show their commitment to being useful to society.

In order to achieve it,SIRVEestablishes 5 strategic goals that guide the university’s actions:






Strategic objectives

Each of the five goals of the UPV PlanSIRVEis deployed in a series of more specific strategic objectives.


In order to carry out the entire UPV Plan strategy SIRVE a series of work teams have been appointed under the leadership of the strategic development committee:

Daniel Catalá-Pérez. Assistant Professor Doctor. Dept. of Business Organization


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