Group work rooms

The UPV libraries offer more than 70 group study rooms (58 in Valencia, 6 in Alcoi and 10 in Gandia), some of them bookable through Polibuscador or the app MiUPV.

Those that cannot be reserved and those reserved through Polibuscador are loaned at the lending desks.

Many of them are equipped with whiteboards and screens. At the counters they will lend you the kits to use them: erasers, HDMI cables…

Please respect the capacity limit and follow the rules of use.

Central Library

32 group study rooms for up to 4 people, 1 cabin for 8.

Bookable from app MiUPV.

Gandia Campus Library

6 group study rooms

4 research rooms (1 adapted).

Bookable through  Polibuscador.

Alcoi Library

6 group study rooms

Bookable through  PoliBuscador.

Agronomic Engineering Library

10 group study rooms (1 adapted).

Computer Science Library

4 group study rooms

Bookable through  PoliBuscador.

Civil Engineering Library

4 group study rooms

Fine Arts Library

4 group study rooms (1 adapted)

Group study rooms bookable on app MiUPV

The group study rooms are for academic use only. You can access using the UPV card (physical or app MiUPV) at the reserved time.

Loan and reserve

The group study rooms can be booked on app MiUPV for 30-minute slots, consecutive or not, up to 4 hours.

If you are not going to use the study room, release it through the app. If not your account will be blocked for 10 days.

Remember to activate NFC or Bluetooth on your phone, or the physical card in the key activator, in order to open the door.

The group study rooms must be left 5 minutes before to facilitate subsequent reserves.

Rules of use

After use, they should remain in the same state of cleanliness and order as when they were first used.

The bibliographic material not lent should be returned to its shelf.

The tone of voice in the group study rooms must be moderated.

The library is not responsible for personal items.

Library staff may vacate the group study room in case of misuse.