Tips for new students

About your email

UPV provides an institutional email to all incoming students. Most notifications will be sent to this email, so it is important to check it frequently or redirect it to another email that you use.

How can I redirect my email? From your UPV Intranet –  Email / Utilitys

About the dedication of your studies

After your first registration, check the dedication we have registered for your thesis (part time / full time). If in addition to doing the thesis you are working (not directly related to your thesis), or you are doing some other activity that prevents you from devoting 100% of your time to the thesis, the recommendation is that you request a change to part-time.

How to request the change to part-time?  From your UPV Intranet -> Virtual Secretary’s Office, Application for part-time enrollment regime

About the deadline you have to complete the thesis

As you know, the thesis has a limited time frame for development: remember to record all periods of medical leave / maternity or paternity leave / or temporary leave.

About the critical dates you should be aware of

You must know, understand and comply with all the deadlines involved in the development of your thesis.

–     Approval of the research plan.

–     Annual thesis progress evaluations.

–     Duration of the thesis.

–     Etc…

On cross-curricular and specific activities

You must know, understand and plan the activities (cross-curricular and specific) that you must complete during the development of your thesis.

The specific activities to be developed will depend on each doctoral program.

Where can I find my program details?  From the list of doctoral programs offered on the website of the doctoral school -&  [Your doctoral program]  // Development of the thesis  //  Specific and Transversal Training Activities

About your program’s PoliformaT site

As a doctoral student you will have access to the site PoliformaT of your doctoral program, which will serve as a platform for communication with the academic committee of your program and with the rest of the students in the program.

About your stay in Valencia

If you are coming from another city / country to do your doctorate in Valencia, you may be interested in this information:

Don’t leave without saying goodbye

Do not simply abandon your thesis. If you cannot continue with the development of your thesis, ask the doctoral school for a Voluntary Permanent Dismissal. This will allow you to reapply to the same program in the future.