Co-Tutelle Thesis (double degree)

What is a co-tutelle thesis?

A co-tutelle thesis is a thesis that is done between two universities (the UPV and a foreign university), with the doctoral student enrolled in both and fulfilling the requirements of each.

The thesis is prepared with a shared direction between both institutions, but a single thesis is presented with a joint defence committee, which leads to both universities issuing their own degree. Both universities recognize the validity of the doctoral thesis and award the doctoral degree.

Mention of co-tutelle in the Ph.D. degree

The title of Doctor will include on its obverse side the statement “Co-tutored thesis with the University U”, provided that the following circumstances concur: 

  1. The doctoral thesis must be supervised by PhDs from two or more universities, one of which must be Spanish and the rest foreign, which must formalize a co-tutorship agreement.
  1. That, for his or her doctoral thesis work, the doctoral candidate obtains two or more degrees, one from each of the institutions of higher education responsible for the development of the thesis.
  1. That, during the period of training necessary to obtain the title of Doctor, the doctoral candidate has made a minimum stay of six months in each of the institutions with which the co-tutorship agreement is established, carrying out research work, either in a single period or in several periods. Stays and activities will be reflected in the co-tutorship agreement.
  1. Co-tutelle theses may also give rise to the inclusion of the mention “International Doctorate” in the title of Doctor if stays are made in institutions different from those of the formalized agreement as set forth in paragraph a) and provided that the circumstances set forth in paragraph a) of the section International Mention are met.

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