fondo doctorado upv


The Doctoral School of the Universitat Politècnica de València is the university structure responsible, from the academic and administrative point of view, for the Doctoral studies of the University. It is a multidisciplinary School that hosts the activity of doctoral programs from different branches: Engineering and Architecture, Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences and develops its own strategy linked to the research strategy of the University in its different research structures;

Currently, the Doctoral School of the UPV has an average of 2600 doctoral students enrolled with the participation of Directors and Tutors, both from the UPV and from national and international Universities and Institutes. These researchers in training are distributed among the 31 Doctoral Programs. 

The Academic and Administrative Organization of doctoral studies at the UPV can be summarized in the following scheme: 

More detail on the functions of each of the Governing bodies.