Cross-curricular Training

In accordance with the applicable regulations, doctoral training will include, in addition to the completion of the original research project, specific and cross-curricular training activities. Each of them will be valued in equivalent hours, so that for the presentation of the doctoral thesis it will be necessary to have completed at least 600 hours, of which at least 10% (60h) will correspond to cross-curricular training courses.

The obligatory cross-curricular training activity may be completed by taking the courses offered by the Doctoral School. These courses will be given in a non-attendance and asynchronous way, and will not involve any additional cost. All courses are taught through the PoliformaT computer platform, which will allow you to access content, forums, chats, exams, etc.

New doctoral students must take the subject Doctoral Training at the UPV. It is a 10-hour course and will take place between November and December. Its objective is to present the functioning of doctoral studies at the UPV, to introduce concepts of ethics and good practices in research and to present the online platforms used at the UPV. Registration for this course will be done automatically by the Doctoral School.

Students must submit a pre-enrollment application for the rest of the subjects according to their interests. This application will be completed through the Thesis Management platform (Training Activities Menu / Cross-curricular Activities Registration).

Enrollment for the cross-disciplinary courses will be open between September and December. All subjects (except the compulsory UPV Doctoral Training) are taught in the second semester. You can consult the complete information, including start and end dates for each of them in the following block:

Table of required cross-curricular training hours by program

Doctoral ProgramMinimumMaximum
Doctoral Program in Business Administration and Management60(*)300
Doctoral Program in Architecture, Building, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture60120
Doctoral Program in Art: Production and Research6060
Doctoral Program in Automation, Robotics and Industrial Informatics6060
Doctoral Program in Biotechnology60100
Doctoral Program in Food Science, Technology and Management60150
Doctoral Program in Animal Production Science and Technology60300
Doctoral Program in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage6060
Doctoral Program in Local Development and International Cooperation6060
Doctoral Program in Design, Manufacturing and Management of Industrial Projects6060
Doctoral Program in Agri-Food Economics60300
Doctoral Program in Statistics and Optimization6060
Doctoral Program in Communication and Cultural Industries6060
Doctoral Program in Computer Science60150
Doctoral Program in Transport and Territorial Infrastructures60120
Doctoral Program in Construction Engineering6060
Doctoral Program in Water and Environmental Engineering60150
Doctoral Program in Electronic Engineering6060
Doctoral Program in Geomatics Engineering60100
Doctoral Program in Textile Engineering6060
Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering and Production60120
Doctoral Program in Languages, Literatures and Cultures and their Applications6060
Doctoral Program in Mathematics60120
Doctoral Program in Chemistry6060
Doctoral Program in Sustainable Chemistry6060
Doctoral Program in Agricultural Resources and Technologies60120
Doctoral Program in Propulsion Systems for Transport6060
Doctoral Program in Experimental Techniques in Chemistry6060
Doctoral Program in Technologies for Health and Well-being6060
Doctoral Program in Telecommunications60100
(*) Change approved by the CAPD in September 2016 and ratified by the Standing Committee of the Doctoral School.

Cross-curricular training courses offered by the Doctoral School

The cross-curricular training activities can be done by passing the courses offered by the Doctoral School. These courses will be taught in on-line format and will not involve additional fees to those of enrollment. Registration for the courses will be done through the “Thesis Management” application. These courses are scheduled to start in January and registration will be open between September and December.

Students who are taking complementary training credits within any of the programs may participate in the cross-curricular training activities.

Recognition of other cross-curricular training activities

If you have taken cross-curricular training courses similar to those offered by the UPV Doctoral School in other centers, you can apply for recognition.

The training or activities to be recognized must meet the following requirements:

  • The training to be recognized must be at the graduate level.
  • The training to be recognized cannot be included in the credits of the Master’s degree used as a requirement for access to doctoral studies.
  • The training must be cross-disciplinary and related to scientific research. For example, courses taken in the following areas may be accepted:
    • Scientific Dissemination and Communication
    • Scientific Documentation
    • Research Ethics
    • Research Career
    • Protection of research results
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Research Methodologies
    • Entrepreneurship

NO Language training courses, office automation tools, specific training related to the thesis, professional experience will be an asset.

The application for recognition is made through the UPV Intranet, from the Virtual Secretary’s Office of the students (Recognition Applications Menu). A certificate justifying the activity and its content must be provided together with the application. There are two periods to apply for recognition in each academic year. The next application period is: May 1 to June 30, 2024.


  • maximum of 60 hours of external activitiesThe Doctoral School of the UPV.
  • When the activity is recognized as equivalent to one of the courses offered by the Doctoral School of the UPV, the maximum number of hours corresponding to the equivalent UPV course will be recognized (normally 20 hours).
  • Cross-curricular training activities that do not have a certificate of evaluation (only a certificate of participation) will be assigned 50% of the justified hours.

Other activities that may be subject to recognition:

  • Participation in the organization of congresses. 10% of the certified hours will be recognized, and 5 hours for each activity if the hours are not specified in the certificate. A maximum of 20 hours will be recognized for this concept, regardless of the number of events in which the student has participated.
  • Participation in the representation of doctoral students:
    • Doctoral student delegate: up to 15 hours.
    • Vice-delegate, secretary, coordinator, representative in the Steering Committee and representative in the University Senate: up to 5 hours.
    • Program Delegate: up to 5 hours.
    • Representative on the Standing Committee: up to 15 hours.
  • For acting as a reviewer of journals indexed in recognized databases, 5 hours will be assigned for each article reviewed, with a maximum of 20 hours to be recognized for this concept.

By way of example, a list is shown with some of the courses/workshops, given from other UPV centers or from institutions external to UPV, and which have been recognized as cross-curricular doctoral training in the 2022/2023 academic year.