Governing bodies

Management Committee

The Steering Committee is the highest collegiate governing body of the Doctoral School.

Its main functions are:

a) Establish the quality criteria and guidelines for the creation, modification and suppression of Doctorate programs at the Universitat Politècnica de València, and submit them for approval by the Governing Council.

b) To report on proposals for the creation, modification or suppression of doctoral programs, at its own initiative or at the initiative of any of the research structures of this university, in accordance with its Statutes, and to submit them for approval by the Governing Council, following a report from the Academic Committee.

c) Approve the composition of the Academic Committees of Doctoral Programs, at the proposal of the research structures responsible for the program.

d) Approve, each academic year, the program of training activities of the Doctoral School, at the proposal of the Director.

e) To ensure compliance with the commitments acquired in the verification reports of the Doctoral Programs of the Doctoral School.

f) Approve the budget proposal and execute the budget of the School.

g) Etc…

The Steering Committee is composed of:

a) The Director of the Doctoral School, who shall act as chairperson.

b) The Secretary of the Doctoral School, who shall perform the functions of Secretary of the Steering Committee.

c) The Coordinators of their Doctorate programs.

d) The Vice-rectors assigned to the following areas: doctoral studies, academic planning, research, technology transfer, and students.

e) The person responsible for the administration and services personnel of the School, if other than the Secretary.

f) Representatives of the collaborating public or private entities that participate in the School’s Doctorate programs, at the proposal of the Director for a period of three years, and a maximum number of ten.

g) The Student Delegate of the School.

h) Student representatives, up to a maximum of 10 members.

Members of the Steering Committee

Standing Committee of the Steering Committee

Calendar of Meetings:

Functions of the Standing Committee:

  • Proposal of cross-cutting training activities and recognition of cross-cutting activities.
  • Appointment of proposed evaluators and selection board.
  • Management of extraordinary thesis awards.
  • Approval of internationalization actions and mobility grants.
  • Approval of co-supervised thesis proposals.
  • Etc. 


  • Director (President);
  • Secretary, (Functions of secretary in the Permanent Commission). 
  • Vice-rectors competent in the following matters: 
    • Doctoral studies.
    • Alumni.
  • Eight Doctoral Program Coordinators, representing the different fields of knowledge of the university(*);
  • A representative of the collaborating entities, designated by the Director;
  • The student delegate and a representative of the Doctoral students of the School.

(*) Distribution of programs by areas and election among the coordinators of a given area.


Members of the Permanent Commission

Doctoral Program Academic Committee

Body responsible for the management of the Program.


  • Between 5-10 teachers/researchers participating in the program plus the Coordinator;
    • With at least one recognized research section.
    • Chosen by the different research structures participating in the program (in number proportional to the number of theses presented).
  • Coordinator –> responsible for the direction and day-to-day management of the program.
    • With at least two supervised doctoral theses and two periods of recognized research activity.

Functions of the Academic Committee:

  • Admission and assignment of director/part-time dedication changes.
  • Authorization of temporary leaves / extensions to studies.
  • Recognition of specific activities.
  • Authorize research stays.
  • Evaluate students’ yearly progress;
  • Propose external evaluators and defense committee;
  • Approve the deposit of the thesis after external evaluation;
  • Etc. …