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Foto principal The Doctoral School of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is responsible for doctoral studies, at both the academic and administrative level. It is a multidisciplinary school offering doctoral programs in different fields: Engineering and Architecture, Sciences, Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences. The School has its own strategy, which is tied to the strategies of the University's different research programmes.

The Doctoral School is responsible for the training of researchers who carry out research for the purpose of obtaining a doctoral degree. It encourages the creation of bridges of cooperation and communication between advanced level training and research carried out in the research structures at the UPV and collaborating organizations.

The School's strategic goal is to establish an organizational model of doctoral programs, with academic and administrative functions, to ensure the quality of its academic programmes and as well as efficient management. For this purpose, the School's various governing bodies and the academic committees of the different programs plan develop and oversee teaching and the activities encompassed in each of the doctoral programs, so as to ensure the excellence of doctoral theses and internationalization of the PhD programs.

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