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Exhibitions 2016

Understanding Chaos

From April 21 to July 15, 2016

The purpose of this exhibition is to explore and discover the presence of a web in daily life and in the artificial world in which we live. This web, understood as the constructive and compositional foundation of networks and structures, is present both in the microcosm and in the macrocosm, and also in the technical, architectural, creative and artistic artificial world.

This exhibition offers us a visual tour of the various manifestations of networks and webs in some fields of observation present in nature, in their application as a compositional principle in the constructive techniques of the past and in current technology.

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Salt de pàgina

From January 12 to April 5, 2016

The Artist’s Book Collection of the Universitat Politècnica de València is located in the library of the Faculty of Fine Arts and currently possesses more than 900 copies. Beginning in the 1960s, it covers both artists’ books and special publications such as experimental magazines, illustrated books, visual poetry, or other free-format art works.

Curated by Antonio Alcaraz, professor and researcher at the Drawing Department, the exhibition, which will remain open to the public until April 5, is divided into six sections. The first of them includes historically relevant books by internationally renowned artists. The remaining five sections are about whether or not to use text in creating artist’s books.

The show, which has caught the attention of museums, universities and various groups in Spain and internationally, presents to the public an exceptionally large collection owned by the UPV, possibly unique among the European university art collections, which is dedicated to the artist's book, an object now held in high esteem.

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