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Exposiciones 2019

A.N.C.A. Una experiencia de creación colectiva 1989-1994

Opening: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 [6:30 p. m.]
UPV: Exhibition Hall (Rectorate building 3A, ground floor) and in collaboration with the Cañada Blanch Fundation.
From October 16 to November 21, 2019.

With regard to the collective exhibition, the artists say: “Here we are again, ready to conclude our five-year journey, the burial having already been announced and time, always incorruptible, has been busy postponing in saecula saeculorum, for nearly twenty-five years. There is no dignified death without a funeral worthy of the name, to quote the poet, and this is the reason why we want to share it with you, inviting you to celebrate our assumption to the paradise of everlasting peace, this home to the stranded ships of those who believed themselves to be artists in their lifetimes".

Rest in peace, Descanso en pau, en peu, en piu, en pou i en puu (Valencian play on words)

Inauguration: programme of activities; Wednesday, October 16, 2019 [6.30 p.m.]: UPV Exhibition Hall (Rectorate building, 3A, ground floor)

  • Event 1: Visita al Museo (Visit to the Museum). Author: Manel Costa. Duration 10’
  • Event 2: Pro-apuesta musical. Author: Andrés Llopis. Duration 3’
  • Event 3: Pan y periódico (Bread and Newspaper). Author: Rafael *Santibáñez. Durantion 7’
  • Event 4: Identidad (Identity). Authors: Lucía Peiró e Inma Gregori. Duration 8’
  • Event 5: Piensa-mente. Author: José Tarragó. Duration 10’
  • Event 6: Inventarío y Acert-hijo. Author: Andrés Llopis. Duration 7’
  • Event 7: Días Felices (Happy Days). Author: María Ordóñez. Duration 15’
  • Event 8: Acoso (Harassment). Authors: Nuria Lloret (script); Jorge Sastre (music); Stefano Scarani (audiovisual). Duration 7’
  • Event 9: Escultura sonora (Sound Sculpture). Author: Rafael Santibáñez. Duration 7’
  • Event 10: 10 segundos de concierto (10 Seconds of Concert). Author: Bartolomé Ferrando. Duracion 4’ 

Roundtable and collective events. Monday, October 21, 2019 [7 p.m.].Alfons Roig Auditorium, Fine Arts Faculty, UPV.


  • Roman de la Calle, Professor os Aesthetics at the Universitat de Valènica
  • Gema Hoyas, Professor of the Departament of Sculpture at the UPV
  • Martina Botella, Professor of the Departament of Sculpture at the UPV
  • Bertomeu Ferrando, Professor of the Departament of Sculpture at the UPV and member of ANCA.

Moderator: Lucía Peiró, artist, graduate in Fine Arts and member of ANCA.

Students of Performance in the academic year 2019–2020 taking part in two collective events: Xiz Franco, Elena Orellana, Alba García, Magdalena Lorca, Marina Incertis, Blanca Matías, Rosa Marín, Mar Lucía Mata, Claudia Dyboski, Jon Carrilero, Silvana Giraldo, Isabel Zuriaga, Joar Remolar, Inés Díaz, Claudia García, María Alcázar, Josefa Moreno, Marina Abreu, Irene Hernández, Dámaris Sempere, Ramona Valero, Rosa Marín, Jesús Domínguez, Silvia Medina, Ana De Toro, Beatriz Pérez, Carmen Arilla.

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Relats des de la memòria transgeneracional

Opening: Thursday, May 16, at 1 p.m.
From may 16 to June 28, 2019.

When we look back in time, from the Retrat de família (2008) (Family Portrait) to our latest project, Jo soc (2018) (I Am)―with the story of the women whose heads were shaved during the Franco regime―, we see that the subject of historic memory has been ever-present and necessary both in our works and in our lives. Not only is this a simple return to the past, but it is read from the present: from a present still affected by a traumatic past, for the people directly involved and also for subsequent generations. From our viewpoint, we have the power to transform memory in order to heal it. That is why the works on display in this exhibition are symbolic acts that modify this old story through a new one which bridges generations, creating present-day discourses with present-day language, conveying experiences and knowledge to the new generations.

More information:

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"Obrint porte. Falles innovadores a la ciutat de València"

Opening: Thursday, March 7, at 7 p.m. (UPV Exhibition Hall) and 8 p.m. (Josep Renau hall).
From March 7 to May 3, 2019.

The UPV inaugurates two exhibitions in which the constructive and aesthetic renovation of Falles monuments during the last decades is reviewed through more than a hundred pieces—scale models, drawings, ninots, photographs and documents—that guides us through the recent history of innovative Falles in the city of València. As a case study, the artistic and structural research involved in the creation of the Falla Politècnic is also reviewed.

The first of these exhibitions, Obrint portes. Falles innovadores a la ciutat de València, takes place in the UPV exhibition hall of the Rectorate building and takes us on a historical tour of innovative Falles, which is divided into four areas: firstly, the relationship between Falles artists and visual artists in Falles designed by Dalí, Sento Llobell, Ortifus, Sigfrido Martín Begué, Óscar Mora, Okuda or Pichiavo, as well as previous groundbreaking works by Ricardo Rubert, Vicente Luna, Manolo García or Alfredo Ruiz; secondly, the formal changes and the most innovative contributions made by Falles I+E (innovation and experimentation), with incorporation of new technologies such as video-maps and sound elements; thirdly, participatory Falles and critical appropriation of public space, whereby citizens can contribute with old pieces of furniture; and a fourth documentary area that serves as a link between the other three and includes magazines, books, academic works and interviews with the protagonists.

The second exhibition, Obrint portes. Investigació en la Falla Politècnic―held at the Josep Renau Hall in the UPV Faculty of Fine Arts―, explores the on-off collaboration between this Faculty’s professors and the Falla Politècnic commission (Av. dels Tarongers‒Universitat Politècnica‒Camí de Vera). The aim is to highlight the result of this collaboration since 2013, which has given rise to the installation of 11 Falles, with the support of Jaume Chornet Roig and Leonardo Gómez Haro, professors of the Department of Sculpture, members of the Laboratorio de Creaciones Intermedias research group and professors of the university course in Design of Ephemeral Monuments and Thematization, taught at the UPV.

More information n:
Pepe Romero, jorogo@esc.upv.es
Jaume Chornet, jaichoro@esc.upv.es
Leonardo Gómez Haro, leogoha@esc.upv.es
Área de Actividades Culturales, VACE, UPV cultura@upv.es
Vicedecanato de Cultura, Facultat de BBAA, UPV vcbbaa@upv.es

More information:
Press release

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Fotografia Científica. Luis Monje

Opening: Thursday, January 24, at 1 p.m.
From January 24 to March 1, 2019.

Scientific photography is an essential tool for the advance of science, industry and education. Almost every branch of science progresses on the basis of making visual observations.
Scientific photography has a dual function: on the one hand, illustrating and recording these observations, and on the other, registering many phenomena that are invisible to the naked eye, either because of their small dimensions (microscopy), dim light (deep-sky astrophotography) or extreme speed or slowness (high-speed and time-lapse photography) or because our eyes are incapable of seeing certain types of radiation (RX, UV, IR, thermography, etc.).
Scientific photography is not a single speciality; it is a complex set of photographic techniques including more than 30 different branches, 20 of which are presented here by Luis Monje, one of the few scientific photographers in the world who has devoted most of his life to their study, practice and dissemination.

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