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Fecha: del 14 al 23 de diciembre de 2015
Time: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. uninterruptedly.
Venue: UPV Exhibition Hall (Rectorate building 3A)

For some years, the Vice-Rectorate for Students and University Extension has been carrying out solidarity activities. Campaigns such as the "Solidarity Book" or "Poliniza 100x100 solidari" are an example of this type of action.

On this occasion, coinciding with the humanitarian catastrophe of Syrian refugees arriving in Europe, we will join in the initiatives that are being taken. For this reason, we want to organize an artistic exhibition ("IN ACTION") in the UPV Rectorate Exhibition Hall. The main purpose is not to organize a typical exhibition, but to offer to the entire university community the possibility of acquiring small art items at very affordable prices.

All the works exhibited will be for sale, and the public will be able to buy them in the exhibition hall for as long as the exhibition remains open (between 14 and 22 December 2015). In this way, anyone who wishes can collaborate economically and in solidarity with CEAR, the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid, to which the amount collected will be destined.


Solidarity with refugees

The UPV hands over to the CEAR the 3,735 euros obtained from the complete sale of the works of 79 artists during the "In action" campaign.

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