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Exhibitions 2017

Barrios Comunes:
El Cabanyal and La Boca
Culture ― Heritage ― Architecture ― Urbanism ― History

The city is the best human invention. Within its matrix, the citizens have shaped their spaces so as to meet their needs; their identity is reflected in buildings, public spaces, gastronomy and customs. The tangible and intangible heritage of the neighbourhoods is the consequence of the historical processes that gave rise to them. For this reason, it is possible to think that two neighbourhoods in different continents, such as Cabanyal and La Boca, could have traits in common, as a testament to the immigration processes that nourished traditional culture. In both cases, there have been processes of identity construction and cultural exchange.

Organized by the UPV's 2017 Programme of Cultural Activities.

From November 15 to December 4, 2017

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Women from Burkina Faso
Training and Entrepreneurship

The Association for the Promotion of Women from Gaoua (APFG) promotes a number of activities aimed at improving the living conditions of the population in the region of Poni, south-west of Burkina Faso, and in particular of women. They work in a context of poverty, with a high level of illiteracy, and try to counteract the obstacles that separate young women from schools and most women from decision-making spaces, relegating them to more menial tasks. To this end, for more than 20 years, the APFG has been developing activities to improve their abilities and contribute to the empowerment of women in this rural environment.

The UPV has worked on several projects with the APFG. In this exhibition, we present the results of the ADSIDEO Bon Aliment project, aimed at food security and nutritional improvement; as well as the project developed with La Caixa, in which 100 young women and leaders of their villages have been trained in tools for the improvement of the organization and the development of productive activities.

They show us the way based on their tenacity, taking their own initiatives, their ways of working, and the confidence they have to move forward.

Organized by: Association pour la Promotion Féminine de Gaoua (APFG).
+ info: http://www.asso-apfg.org/

From 10 to 31 October 2017.

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El Salto Presentation
The First Great People-Funded Media

Within the framework of World Press Freedom Day ― UNESCO (May 3, 2017)

This event provides an opportunity to assess press freedom and to defend the media against attacks on their independence.

To mark this day, we have organized a roundtable to present El Salto, a proposal launched by the newspaper Diagonal and more than 20 other media to build a great new media based on cooperation and integration between related projects in order to widen their scope.

The following professionals will participate in this roundtable: Álvaro Minguito, photographer and member of El Salto, Edgar Bellver from El Salto-València, Álex Gaita, from the newspaper La Marea, and Paula Duran from La Directa, two examples of independent journalism in our country that are not part of El Salto and work closely with the project. And we will also have the opportunity to listen to José Manuel Martín, Professor of Ethics in Journalism at the Universitat Jaume I de Castelló.

In conjunction with this presentation, a photojournalism exhibition will be opened on May 3, in the Hall Solidari: "From Diagonal to El Salto, 11 Years in Pictures", with photographs by Juan Carlos Rojas, Bárbara Boyero, Ramón Fornell, David Fernández, Álvaro Minguito, José Alfonso, Judith Prat, Edu León and Olmo Calvo. This exhibition will be open until June 16.

+ info: https://saltamos.net

+ Exhibition "From Diagonal to El Salto, 11 Years in Pictures"
From May 3 to June 16, 2017
Hall Solidari

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Video: https://youtu.be/uCmB9yr31rk

Illustrated Shelter.
Between the Coffin and the Suitcase

150 illustrations in support of refugees

"A refugee is not a refugee of his own freewill. In most cases, they are people like you and me, but who have to choose between a coffin and a suitcase, people forced to flee their country, having been persecuted due to race, religion, nationality, political opinions, gender or sexual orientation. Many are victims of trafficking or armed conflict. They have lost everything except their dignity”. (Spanish Refugee Aid Commission – CEAR).


This exhibition is linked to the Glob-UPV Educació per a la Ciutadania project -  ctalent.blogs.upv.es
In order to understand your sensitivity to the refugee crisis, we thank you for answering the following questions: Questionnaire (in Spanish) Cuestionario (en castellano)

Organized by: Centre for Development Cooperation, Office of Cultural Activities, Associació Professional d'ilustradors de València and CTalent.

+ info: apiv@apiv.com

From March 10 to 31, 2017
Venue: Ximo Mora Hall. Student House.

From April 3 to 12, 2017
Venue: UPV Rectorate building (3A). Solidari Hall.

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Lips like Swords. Phobias against the LGTB+ Collective


This activity, part of “Miradas a tres: homofobia”, is carried out jointly with MICE (International Educational Film Festival) and Mostra La Ploma (LGBTI Film and Culture Festival).
Didier Eribon (2001) states: "Slander is not just a word that describes (...) The one who causes offence lets me know that he has power over me, that I am at his mercy. (...) Slander is an act of language—or a repeated series of acts—by which a recipient is assigned a specific place in the world. This assignment determines a point of view about the world, a particular perception. Slander is a performative utterance: its function is to produce effects and, particularly, to institute or perpetuate the separation between the 'normal' and those whom Goffman calls the ‘stigmatized', and to inculcate this crack in the heads of individuals. Slander tells me who I am to the same degree that it makes me who I am”. For his part, Bourdieu, in Masculine Domination, states: "The dominated ones apply to relations categories that have been constructed from the point of view of the dominators, in this way making them seem natural" (2001). “Because insult”—says Eribon—“is an act of language—or a repeated series of acts—by which a recipient is assigned a specific place in the world". Slander and insults are performative utterances, which, at the moment they are pronounced, separate the "normal" from the "stigmatized" and sentence them to a marginal existence as indicated to them by the dominant ideology.

Eribon, Didier, Reflexiones sobre la cuestion gay, Barcelona, Anagrama, 2001

Research carried out by Carmelo Gabaldón and Juan Carreras

February 27 to March 24, 2017

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The School Torrepinos, founded in Torrent in 1973, attends students, between the ages of 3 and 21, who need a specialized education.
This exhibition seeks to reproduce, through photography, some of the most famous portraits in history, using for this purpose the students of the centre. The initiative aims to promote the autonomy and self-esteem of the collective, through body activity as a way of experiencing experiences and internalizing art.
The project, carried out during the academic years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, is made up of two phases. In the first one, 12 photos are taken with the students of the CEE Torrepinos. In the second, it collaborates with Monte Sión Primary School in Torrent to take 6 new photos, while seeking a joint, interactive and inclusive work among all the participating students (make-up, costumes, attrezzo, characterization...).
The exhibition, made up of 18 photographs, is the result of this work of cooperation and exchange that seeks to unite art and inclusion.

Photographer: Juan Miguel Esteve
February 6-15, 2017 2017

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Syria in Focus

This photo exhibition, as part of the programme Syria lives, takes a look at life in the Syrian conflict through the art of the Foundation Pulso de Vida; it brings together the photographic works by three Syrian artists that reflect through art a society and a culture that survives in the midst of almost 6 years of war. This exhibition is intended to advocate life and freedom through snapshots, which in many cases are personal testimonies of daily moments in the drama of war and the humanitarian catastrophe of refugees.
Pulso de Vida is an NGO dedicated to cooperating with development, which aims to provide comprehensive development and social assistance to all those affected by situations of conflict or catastrophe.

January 16 to February 3, 2017 2017

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