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Àgora Sound

Through the project ÀGORA SOUND. MÚSIQUES DEL SEGLE XXI, the Cultural Activities Office of the Universitat Politècnica de València will explore the scene being created by emerging young musicians over the last few years.

Without subscribing to any particular style or trend, ÀGORA SOUND offers university audiences the opportunity to check out today’s music scene. The scheduled concerts will be held in the university, at Agora, from 2:00 pm and admission is free.

Ángel Alcañiz is Luz Oscura, a man-in-black who may well be the latest scion of the homegrown Valencian blend of sounds from the eighties and avant-garde.

His music, inspired by the abstract soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine, draws on the rhythms of Stephen Morris (Joy Division, New Order) and the lo-fi sounds of Beat Happening and their contemporaries. It is also shot through with the low frequencies of the old analogue synthesisers.

Luz Oscura is a talent whose star is in the ascendant. The future is his, but the tracks he has already laid down point to a well-defined path.

Mox Nox first emerged in Valencia in the summer of 2009, and a few months later they recorded a demo that reached the semi-finals of Radio 3’s Proyecto Demo, out of more than 800 entries nationwide. In 2011 they released a 7” (Polze de la Mort) which earned them a place on some of the most-promising-debut lists that year. After they recorded a first album, which they never released, the band underwent some changes. The current line-up is Lluís (guitar and vocals), Rubén (guitar), Pep (bass) and Javi (drums). In 2013 they released their debut LP, Damnatio Memoriae (Discos de Perfil-Carmen Recuerdos), which won the Ovidi Montllor prize for the best rock album in Valencian.

In 2015, their latest release, Oro y adelfa, came out and they played at the world-renowned FIB Benicàssim Festival. They have played other festivals, including Monkey Week, Feslloch and Deleste Festival, as well as at many concert venues.

Traficants de Sucre is a band from Valencia’s Benimaclet neighbourhood, formed by eight young musicians who are mostly students of the Universitat Politècnica de València. Their style is a mix of ska, rock, punk and reggae, sung in Valencian. Although most of the members of Traficants de Sucre began playing together in 2013, they recorded their first demo in the summer of 2014.

After their debut concert at L’Atzúbia Rock, the band has since performed all over Valencia. They have played at well-established events such as Rock Quintos de Pedreguer and Gandía’s Festardor Music Festival, where they earned the Correllengua de Gandía prize. Traficants de Sucre also won prizes at the 7th edition of Rock Penat, the 5th edition of the Da la Nota competition and the latest edition of Circuit for music in Valencian.

At present the group are applying the finishing touches to their first album, which will see the light before next summer, recorded in Atomic Studio and produced by Mark Dasousa.

+Video: youtu.be/A0JaUPxYSWM
+Info: traficantsdesucre.bandcamp.com

The Noah Histeria project was born on 2 June 2012 in Xàtiva (Valencia), hometown of its five members. They all have divergent musical influences, yet have mutual respect for the tastes of their bandmates, hence their commitment to eclecticism. This makes them reluctant to pin a label on their music, although it has been defined by the media as something akin to stoner/prog rock, with shades of art and post-rock.

Noah Histeria understand music not only from the perspective of less is more, but also from the conviction that a good musician is defined not by constantly showing off their technical virtuosity, but by being able to make their bandmates sound better. So Noah Histeria put their playing technique at the service of the whole, and not vice versa.

On this occasion we will be treated to a concert by Ghost Transmission from Xàtiva (Valencia), who will entertain us with songs from their latest album Apparitions and other tracks from their discography.

Ghost Transmission began their journey in 2012. Sometimes they’re good guys, sometimes they’re bad guys. Their music veers from odes to noise to more intimate themes, and they have always felt comfortable midway between noise and pop.

We Are Not Brothers (WANB) are an electro band from Alcoy with influences ranging from post-punk to krautrock, an amalgam of sounds that makes them difficult to label.

WANB play in two different formats: a full-on electronic duo that’s more experimental, more techno, and a band format, with the sinewy organic power of guitar and bass.

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