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The Office has three core responsibilities:

Inventorying and cataloguing

These are two fundamental tools for properly managing a collection. Keeping the collection inventory and catalogue up to date will facilitate the task of locating a particular work whenever required.

Because the collection is spread across the three UPV campuses (Vera, Gandía and Alcoy), this function has taken on particular relevance in the last year. The collection is currently being automated, and computer monitoring procedures are being designed to make it easier to access the works, as a tool for future conservation.

Management and dissemination of the collection

By monitoring temporary loans of works of the collection to a wide range of institutions and/or museum spaces, the collection will be promoted beyond the physical space of the university. Over the last few years, there have been around twenty collaborations with spaces outside the UPV (exhibition rooms at town halls, universities, cultural centres, etc.), both nationally and internationally

Furthermore, parallel activities have been carried out to disseminate the collection, raising awareness of the heritage value of the works through guided tours (for students at different levels, and seniors), didactic workshops and seminars to promote artistic and scientific interest, both in the university and beyond.

The Office also collaborates in the reception of donations of works, enabling the Heritage and Art Collection to expand in a controlled manner, maintaining the artistic criteria and quality parameters established at the outset.

Analysis and conservation of works

Important work is being carried out at present on analytical studies of the materials comprising the works of the UPV Heritage and Art Collection. This is a fundamental tool in the use of new materials and restoration techniques for safeguarding the works, and in turn facilitates the transmission of knowledge to relevant professionals.

Technical advice is also provided on the conservation of collections and museums belonging to the UPV, through the coordination of projects and global action plans on the management and conservation of university heritage.

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