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Campus Escult˛ric Museum of the UPV (MUCAES-UPV)
┴rea de Fondo de Arte y Patrimonio UPV Campus Escult˛ric Museum of the UPV (MUCAES-UPV)  ...

Campus Escult˛ric Museum of the UPV (MUCAES-UPV)

A visit to the Campus Escult˛ric Museum of the Universitat PolitŔcnica de ValŔncia is to enter into a sensory circuit where the interaction between artist and viewer generates unique dialogues with the works and the ideas, concepts, form and materials that compose them.

The three UPV campuses (Vera, Gandia and Alcoy) play host to ambitious proposals that employ different modes of artistic expression that are never hermetic, but always open and ready to interact with the public. Art and habitat are combined in a unique way in what is currently one of the best university outdoor sculpture collections.

Visual connections with the works, their space and their surroundings: the sum of experiences; reciprocal results. A sensory open-air space where the viewer comes into direct contact with the works, heightening both language and senses and elevating them to another plane.

In this collection of more than 75 works, art, science and technology come together. National and international artists feature in an examination of artistic expression that encompasses abstraction, kinetics, organics and geometry.

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Guided visits of the Campus Escult˛ric Museum (MUCAES-UPV)

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