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UPV Art Collection

UPV Art Collection

Since its creation in the 1990s, the art collection of the Universitat Politècnica de València has grown exponentially; it now holds more than three thousand works. Significant works of contemporary art, paintings, sculptures, and graphic and photographic creations are located on the Vera, Gandía and Alcoy campuses.

The collection has grown thanks to various sources, including donations, acquisitions and works in deposit. It is undoubtedly a significant body of works in the context of Spanish university museum collections. There are a total of five collections:

Contemporary Painting

Works by both national and international artists, representing a variety of modern styles: abstract, figurative, postmodernist, new figurative, pop, constructivist. The collection contains a wide range of techniques, forms and creative expression.

Contemporary Sculpture

A collection of high-concept avant-garde pieces, the creators of which seek non-referential figuration, playing with concepts that go beyond pure representation.

Open-Air Campus Escultòric Museum

Bringing the viewer into direct contact with the works, heightening both language and senses and elevating them to another plane. National and international artists feature in an examination of artistic expression that encompasses abstraction, kinetics, organics and geometry.

Graphic Works

These are prints of original works by recognised authors, in most cases donated altruistically to the university collection.

Contemporary Photography

Collection of artists employing the most advanced techniques of recent decades, offering different creative points of view.

Catalogue of Works (Authors A to Z)

Loans of Works of Art in the UPV

Loans of Works of Art to Museums and Institutions

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