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Artists’ Books Collection
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Artists’ Books Collection


The collection of artist’s books of the Universitat Politècnica de València is based at the Department of Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where books are studied as one more form of artistic expression; many subjects analyse books directly or tangentially.

If in everyday life books are usually identified with a linear reading of a written language, adapting the idea of a book to construct an object of art is an idea of infinite diversity. It encompasses all the senses and allows the reader to adopt the posture of both passive receiver and interactive participant through the endless possibilities of reading games.

We can say that today the art book straddles the two ideas of book and object. The artist conceives his book by playing between the two extremes: the book that can take on the guise of artistic object and the artistic object that can take on the guise of a book. Theme and form are the artistic qualities of the object and facilitate forms of harmony within the frame in which image and text take shape. The book is the result of the relationship between the two or the omission of one of the two, and it is impregnated with the ideas of the artist who has devised it.

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