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Museum of Information Technology
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Museum of Information Technology

Information technology has a fascinating history which you can learn all about through the collection and cultural activities of the Museum of Information Technology.

Opened in 2001, and a pioneer in its field in Spain, it was recognised in 2013 as an official museum of the Comunitat Valenciana by the Regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, for its commitment to society and its vocation as a public service.

The goal of the Museum of Information Technology is to educate the public about the history of the machines that have helped us to better manage information at work and at leisure. Although the computer takes pride of place, the museum also features the once everyday instruments that it has replaced. These changes have had a profound effect on our social habits and our material culture. Their history will help us to reflect on the role that information technology now plays in the society in which we live.

The collection at the Museum of Information Technology is constantly expanding, due mainly to donations from individuals and public and private entities. It includes traditional office equipment, such as calculators and mechanical and electronic typewriters; computer equipment for organisations, such as minicomputers and old servers; personal devices, such as microcomputers, work stations or video game consoles; an assortment of printing, storage and communication devices and, of course, computer programs of all kinds, including video games.

Activities at the Museum of Information Technology

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