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Activities of the Museum of Telecommunications
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Activities of the Museum of Telecommunications

Who is it for?

Guided tours and workshops for secondary-school and sixth-form students. Free visits from Monday to Friday during term time from 10am to 2pm, and from 6pm to 8pm for the general public.

Application deadline


How to apply

Guided tours

Electronic form

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a presentation and a projection. You must bring a pen and it is also advisable to complete some of the educational activities suggested by the museum.

Teleco Chips

These are activities or workshops designed to awaken a passion for Information and Communication Technologies in secondary-school and sixth-form students, which can be done before or after the tour of the museum.

Some of the thematic areas covered include: the birth of radio, safety on wireless networks, the use of electronic technology in music, the do-it-yourself approach, space technology, bioacoustic signal processing, ICT and human development, and artificial vision applications.

How we communicate with you

E-mail ( museo@etsit.upv.es ) and telephone (96 387 71 90).

We agree to

Schedule your chosen activity with qualified guides on the date available in the Museum of Telecommunications visitor calendar.

Responsibility of the applicant

Confirm the scheduled visit at least 2 days in advance.

Do the previous educational activities recommended by the museum.

Responsible and reasonable use of the museum’s materials and facilities.

Office hours

Working days, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 2pm.

More information

Museo de Telecomunicación
ETSI de Telecomunicación (edificio 4D)
Camino de Vera, s/n
46022 Valencia

Tel: +34 96 387 71 90 E-mail: museo@etsit.upv.es



Museum of Telecommunications

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