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II Edition International Festival of Minimal Urban (Confined) Performances in Video
"Urban Body in Action" (PAC 2020)

Dates: Deadline submissions: June 1, 2019
Organized by: Elia Torrecilla in colaboration with Miguel Molina Alarcón and with the support of the UPV Laboratory of Intermedia Creations
Open Call: https://urbanbodyinaction.wixsite.com

After the broad participation of the 1st Edition of Urban Minimum Performances in Video “Urban Body in Action”, we launched an II Edition adapted to these times of quarantine by Covid-19, in which the concept of “urban body in action ”has changed.

In times of confinement, creativity gushes in the face of the prohibition of free access to public space. It leaves from the house towards the balcony to open intermediate routes that pass between inside and outside, between the public and the private, between the individual and the collective, between the permitted and the forbidden. The change of habitual activity, telematic work, lack of public contact, restricted action, boredom, uncertainty, fear ... sometimes give way to the absurd to break the routine, leading to viral actions that they infect us through networks to open a border between art and life, art and non-art.

By definition, confinement implies inhabiting a bordering, bordering territory; that many times it is exceeded, but justified by its very ambiguous and unstable line. For this reason, in this call we want to collect minimal actions, ranging from the most intimate and imperceptible to the public and visible, in its different limits. Sometimes, that bordering and ambiguous territory of the private and the public, between the house and the urban space, becomes the balconies; and other times, the urban space is accessed maintaining invisible limits of distance and bodily protection in our relationship with others so as not to be infected and at the same time not to be accused of breaking the limits of what is allowed or prohibited; thus leading to unsuspected self-produced improper performative bodily actions.

We are looking for short videos (maximum 2´), recorded with mobile phones, cameras, webcams... in which a small performance (performed by artists or non-artists) that has taken place during this period of the state of alarm by the coronavirus is recorded and during the dates of this call. Minimum street actions - carried out in those displacements allowed within the law and security; minimum home actions (indoors or on the balcony); individual or collective, in the physical or virtual space by electronic means..., that show minimal performative gestures in the confined life.

Deadline - 1st June 2020


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