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Prime the Animation. Histórico

Cine Dijous de pel·lícula. Histórico

Novembre jazz. Histórico

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Aulas de Cultura UPV 2017 - 2018
Las Aulas de Cultura son talleres abiertos a cualquier interesado a través de los cuales se pueden obtener créditos ECTS y de libre elección.

The Culture Workhops are destinated to all community where you can obtain ECTS credits and free-choice credits.



The workshop registration cost is 5 euros/per year for students of degree (taxes of registration), 60 euros for the rest of students and other members of the UPV university community and 100 euros for general people.

Workshop offered:

Contact: cultura@upv.es (Lola Gil & Montse Martínez)
Registration has to be made from September through the Permanent Formation Centre: http://www.cfp.upv.es

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