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Preparation of the research plan

The research plan consists of foreseeing the different activities that the researcher must carry out during the research process. These activities must be foreseen to be developed in a logical sequence and according to the stages of the scientific research process, and for each one, it is necessary to calculate the time it will last and the necessary and adequate resources for its development.

It is important to take into account that the forecast of the research activities may be amended, that it is not final, that it can and, in most cases, should be varied and redefined during the development of the research process.

The research plan is just a general guidance tool for the researcher, and should not be regarded as a set of rigid, imperative and immutable rules.

The approval period of the research plan shall be one year. The calculation of this time begins after the successful completion of any complementary training assigned by the Doctoral Committee as part of the PhD student's itinerary.

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