“Better Connections” – European Mobility Week at UPV

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) participates, once again, in the European Mobility Week, which this year has as its motto “Better connections” and will be held from September 16 to 22. The aim is to raise awareness of the negative consequences of irrational car use (both for public health and the environment), as well as to inform about the benefits of using more sustainable modes of transport, such as public transport, cycling and walking.

On the occasion of this celebration, and with the aim of promoting a change of behavior towards sustainable and healthy mobility options by the university community, the UPV works, in coordination with other administrations, for the implementation of actions through the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Mobility of the UPV.

Coming without a car has a prize

According to data from the latest sustainable mobility survey, we are in luck, since 75% of students decide to come to the UPV on foot, by bike, scooter, or public transport. If you are one of these people, or if you join the celebration of Car Free Day on September 22, the Environment Unit will be waiting for you with a surprise at the entrance to the campus. Remember that, in addition, public transportation is free on that day.

If you are still thinking about the best way to get to the UPV, please check the following link for sustainable alternatives.

For a pedestrian and smoke-free campus

The UPV, as indicated in its own Traffic and parking regulations, aims to be a model of healthy, safe, and low-emission university mobility. This is why UPV campuses are for pedestrian use, which means that bicycles and scooters can coexist with pedestrians, as long as they are adapted to human traffic.

On the other hand, the circulation and parking of motor vehicles and mopeds are prohibited, which must limit their circulation to the existing roads on campus, and that gives access to the parking spaces provided for this purpose. In the case of motorcycles, different parking spaces have been set up. You can check where they are located in the following link: Motorcycle parking plan

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