Green Transition Area

The Green Transition Area develops the actions, programs and initiatives of the Vice President for Campus Sustainable Development related to environmental sustainability and greening of the institution. The director of the area provides professional guidance and leadership in the development of policies, the management of actions, and the development of projects related to the following areas:

  • Mobility: campus commuting, campus walkability and business of the university community.
  • Energy efficiency: energy consumption of buildings and implementation of renewable energies.
  • Green infrastructure: garden management, naturalization, biodiversity and water management.
  • Waste management.
  • Green procurement policies.


To work for the global sustainability of the UPV, optimizing available resources, preserving natural environments and guaranteeing the minimum environmental impact. 


  • Strengthen environmental policies.
  • Make visible the transversality of the environmental impact.
  • Generate awareness and co-responsibility in environmental issues.
  • Include environmental criteria in university procurements.
  • Optimize finite resources, mainly water and energy.


  • Work with the Environmental Office to carry out the annual environmental plans.
  • Promote a Green Plan for the UPV.
  • Develop a Sustainable Mobility Plan.
  • Strengthen alliances between institutions to meet the challenges.
  • Promote projects that improve carbon sink capacity.