Living Lab – call for projects

UPV Living Lab is a laboratory on campus created with the aim of accelerating the path towards carbon neutrality of the Universitat Politècnica de València and the city.

From the Vice-Rectorate Office for Sustainable Development of Campus, we seek the involvement of the UPV community to achieve this, and we propose to reflect on how to decarbonize the campuses and the city through the promotion of specific research and own knowledge, but also network collaboration and participation of all stakeholders involved in this task, to improve the environment and the common welfare.

This call aims to encourage and facilitate the development of innovative projects within the campuses, both from existing projects and new ideas; identify and value the diversity of knowledge generated in the UPV; encourage interaction between research groups and other university and urban agents; provide university campuses, as part of the physical space of the city, so that they can become reference spaces for action and models for innovation and climate neutrality.

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