Organic waste campaign

Coinciding with the gradual appearance of brown bins on the Vera campus of the UPV, the university has organized an information campaign on issues related to organic waste. The campaign took place in June, and all the university community members could put their knowledge to the test and obtain some of the prizes that were distributed at the information points.

The distribution of the brown bins on the Vera campus began last March. The first to receive them were the cafeterias and restaurants, but the bins’ delivery has been progressively extended to any existing dining area inside the campus buildings.

The appearance of this new litter bin and the separation of organic waste on the Vera campus has been possible thanks to the arrival of the Valencia City Council’s brown containers in the area where the campus is located. The City Council began progressively implementing the separate collection system for organic waste in 2016. Still, it has not been until now that this system has finally reached the campus area. The Gandia and Alcoy campuses will soon join the Vera campus since the city councils of both locations are developing projects similar to those of Valencia.

More information: Unidad de Medio Ambiente News