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Specific and Cross curricular training activities

According to the applicable regulations, doctoral training will include, in addition to the completion of the doctoral thesis, the completion by the doctoral of specific and cross curricular training activities.

Each training activity has an assessment in equivalent hours. The doctoral student will have to obtain a minimum of 600 equivalent hours in the development of the different training activities to be able to present the thesis, of which at least 10 percent (60 hours) will correspond to cross curricular training courses.

The assessment in equivalent hours of each type of activity, as well as the maximum value recognized, have been fixed by the Academic Commission of this Doctorate Program for its students.

Block Min. Máx. Hours per Activity
Cross curricular training 60 150

Specific training

Presentation in national or international congress 30 100 15h / assistance and exhibition national congress
25h / assistance and exhibition international congress
Stays at national and overseas research centres 0 150 50h/months overseas research centres
25h/month national research centres
Publications in journals and congresses 200 - Minimum 200h. in journals or indexed congresses
Active participation in competitive R&D+i projects and research contracts in the development of the doctoral thesis 0 90 20h / year (competitive or national research project)
30h / year (competitive or international research project)
Attending courses, seminars, tutorials, summer schools. 0 50 20h/10h of the course

Check the updated guide for evaluating specific activities

Cross curricular training

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