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Objectives, access profile and graduation profile


The Doctoral Programme in Informatics is born from a synergy between the software line of research of the Departments of Computer Science and Computer Systems (DSIC) and the hardware research line of the Department of Computer Systems and Computer Science (DISCA).

The main objective is the training of PhDs in the field of Information Technology, with the ability to carry out research, development, innovation and technology transfer work, as well as directing or collaborating with other researchers and professionals in their field of competence.

The training objectives of the programme enable the students to obtain a multidisciplinary and generalist training, or to deepen their knowledge in one of the four areas that represent the Official Postgraduate Programme in Computer Science:

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing (DSIC)
  • Computer Engineering (DISCA)
  • Software Engineering, Formal Methods and Information Systems (DSIC)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging (DSIC)

The Doctoral Programme in Informatics is aimed at students who wish to acquire advanced computer skills to perform key tasks in the industry, administration or the academic world.

Access profile

The student who access the doctoral programme must comply with the requirements set out in RD 99/2011 of 28 January. Regarding the programme’s academic qualification: Spanish or overseas graduates with training in computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, industrial engineering, electronic engineering, mathematics and physics will be able to access the programme. Regarding postgraduate training, candidates must prove they have completed at least 60 postgraduate training credits (master's degree) in the field of computer science. The Academic Committee of the programme will determine the degree of similarity of the postgraduate degree provided with any of the master's degrees offered by the DSIC or DISCA and may establish complementary training, where appropriate.

Graduation profile

PhDs in Informatics, specialised in some of the areas indicated in the objectives section.

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