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Duration of doctoral studies

The duration of doctoral studies will last a maximum of three years full--time, starting from the registration date of the student (or since the successful completion of the Complementary Courses), and finishing with the presentation of the doctoral thesis.

The CAPD may authorize part time doctoral studies. In this case such studies have a maximum duration of five years.

After the period of three years the CAPD may authorize an extension of this period for one further year, which could exceptionally be extended for one more year, under the conditions established in the corresponding doctoral program. In the case of part--time study, the extension may be authorized for two extra years and exceptionally, for one additional year.

Sickness or maternity leaves or any other leave considered in the current regulation will not count for the purposes of calculating this periods.

The doctoral student may also request a temporary leave (voluntary) for a maximum period of one year, extendable to one extra year. This request should be addressed and justified to the CAPD, which will rule on the admissibility of it.

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