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Doctoral School Consultas  ...

If you wish to contact the Doctoral School to ask a question about our services or to notify of any incident related to that services , you can do it in

You can also contact the different doctorate programs:

PhD in Business Management and Administration: doctor.ade@upv.es

PhD in Architecture, Building, Urban Planning and Landscape: doctor.arquit@upv.es

Phd in Art: Production and Research: doctor.arte@upv.es

PhD in Automation, Robotics and Industrial Computer Science: doctor.automat@upv.es

PhD in Biotechnology: doctor.biotec@upv.es

PhD in Food Science, Technology and Management: doctor.aliment@upv.es

PhD in Animal Production Science and Technology: doctor.prodanimal@upv.es

PhD in Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage: doctor.restaura@upv.es

PhD in Local Development and International Cooperation : doctor.descoop@upv.es

PhD in Design, Manufacture and Management of Industrial Projects : doctor.proyind@upv.es

PhD in Agrifood Economics : doctor.econom@upv.es

PhD in Statistics and Optimisation : doctor.estadist@upv.es

PhD in Communication and Cultural Industries : doctor.indcom@upv.es

PhD in Computer Science : doctor.informatica@upv.es

PhD in Transportation Infrastructures and Territory : doctor.infraestructuras@upv.es

PhD in Building Engineering : doctor.ingcons@upv.es

PhD in Water and Environmental Engineering : doctor.ingaguama@upv.es

PhD in Electronic Engineering : doctor.ingelectro@upv.es

PhD in Geomatics Engineering : doctor.geomatica@upv.es

PhD in Textile Engineering : doctor.ingtextil@upv.es

PhD in Industrial Engineering and Production : doctor.ingind@upv.es

PhD in Languages, Literature and Culture, and their Applications : doctor.lenguas@upv.es

PhD in Mathematics : doctor.matematicas@upv.es

PhD in Chemistry : doctor.quim@upv.es

PhD in Sustainable Chemistry : doctor.qsost@upv.es

PhD in Agricultural Resources and Technologies : doctor.tecagric@upv.es

PhD in Transport Propulsion Systems: doctor.sistprop@upv.es

PhD in Experimental Techniques in Chemistry: doctor.tecexpq@upv.es

PhD in Technologies for Health and Well-Being : doctor.tecsalud@upv.es

PhD in Telecommunications : doctor.telecom@upv.es

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