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Cross-curricular training activities

Doctoral training requires, in addition to the completion of a doctoral thesis, the completion of specific and cross-curricular training activities.

Each doctoral programme establishes a minimum and maximum of cross-curricular hours – see this table for more information.

Cross-curricular training courses offered by the Doctoral School

Cross-curricular training courses offered by the Doctoral School. These courses are online and require no payment additional to the tuition fees. Registration for the courses is made from the 'Thesis Management' application. The courses begin in January and registration is open between September and December.

Students who are studying for complementary training credits within one of the programmes may participate in cross-circular training activities.

Recognition of other cross-curricular training

If a student has received cross-curricular trained outside of the Doctoral School, or has carried out activities that can be considered as equivalent, he or she may apply to the Doctoral School for recognition of the activity as cross-curricular training.

Training or activities must meet the following requirements to be recognised:

  • The specific training must have been developed during the development period of the doctorate and must be of at least graduate level.
  • The specific training cannot have been counted as part of the requirements for access to doctoral studies.
  • That the research training be cross-curricular - such as the following:
    • Disclosure and Scientific Communication
    • Scientific Documentation
    • Research Ethics
    • Research Careers
    • Protection of Research Results
    • Knowledge Transfer
    • Research Methodologies
    • Entrepreneurship

As an example, the following types of courses are ineligible: language training; office automation tools; specific training related to thesis; or undergraduate degree training or equivalent, nor professional experience.

The request for the recognition of these activities will be done from the student's UPV Intranet. When making the request, a certificate of the activity and content of it should be provided. The maximum hours to be recognized will be the minimum required by the applicant's doctoral program. In addition, when the activity is recognized by its equivalence with one of the courses offered by the Doctoral School, the maximum number of hours of said course will be recognized.

When recognised transversal educational activities do not include a certificate of assessment (only a certificate of participation), recognition will be given for just half of the justified hours.

Participation in the organisation of conferences will be recognised for 10% of the hours spent and up to 20 hours (regardless of the number of events in which the student participates). If the number of hours is not specified on the certificate, then only five hours will be recognised.

The Permanent Commission of the School of Doctorate determined in September 2016:

  • Delegate of Doctoral Students: till 15 hours
  • Vice-delegates, secretaries, coordinators, representatives in the Steering Committee and representatives in the Senate of the University: till 5 hours
  • Program Delegate: till 5 hours
  • Representative on the Permanent Commission: till 15 hours

The Permanent Commission of the Doctoral School aproved in a session held on June 5, 2019, that the activity as Reviewer of indexed journals in recognized databases could be recognized for 5 hours for each article reviewed, with a maximum of 20 hours for this concept.

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