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In Spain, EU citizens are covered by standard insurance (E-128, E-111 or Health Insurance Card) that students must obtain before leaving their country.

There are other countries outside the European Union with which Spain holds health agreements, in these cases, please check with the Spanish Embassy for more information.

If you come from a country with which there is no health agreement in place, you can take out private health insurance, with coverage in Spain. The price may vary depending on the options contracted. The Universidad Politècnica de València does not intervene nor serves the processing of such insurance. Here are some companies for you to take out health insurance:

C/ Convento San Francisco,6. Valencia
Tel.: (+34) 96 310 40 00

C/ La Paz, 1-B. Valencia
Tel.: (+34) 96 351 25 00

Paseo Alameda, 35 - 2ª. Valencia
Tel.: (+34) 96 393 86 00

Avda. Primado Reig, 97. Valencia
Tel.: (+34) 96 360 37 78

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