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Bibliographic Collection

The collection of the Industrial Engineering School Library, which includes monographs, reference works and audiovisual material.

The bibliographic collection is arranged by subject. Each group of subjects is assigned a cupboard (shelf or set of shelves in which books of the same subject are arranged). The order of the books inside each cupboard follows the currens number sequence. Each cupboard has a separate sequence.

Information on the cupboard which make up the collection can be found on the following link.

The reference works (dictionaries, vocabularies, glossaries and encyclopaedias) are in cupboard O-G.

Final Degree Projects. These papers are for consultation only, they cannot be lent or photocopied.

Following the Industrial Engineering School regulations, the conditions for the consultation of the Final Degree Projects submitted to the Industrial Engineering School are the following:

1. Final Degree Projects can be accessed by any person who is a full user of the Central Library of the Universitat Politècnica de València

2. Only Final Degree Projects submitted in the last ten years can be accessed.

Items location within the Library

In order to find the necessary information, access PoliBuscador and narrow down your search using the catalogue filter from the library computers or from an external computer, through the Internet. Once you have found a book, you must learn its signature (consisting of a letter that identifies the specific library – the letter I in the case of the Industrial Engineering School – the cupboard, and the order number inside the cupboard) in order to locate it in the library.

Most of the collection can be found on the shelves at the entrance of the library (next to the general access computers).

Free Internet Journals

The Library has selected the following full-text engineering specialised journals on the Internet:

Electronic resources in PoliBuscador

From PoliBuscador it is possible to simultaneously locate paper documents in the UPV Libraries, as well as different electronic articles, journals, books, etc. for which a full-text subscription exists or which are accessible on the Internet for free.

In addition, if you are interested in accessing the databases the UPV Library has access to, you can do it from the A-Z Databases link found on the top menu bar in PoliBuscador.

The Library also provides access to the full text of doctoral theses submitted to the UPV, Final Degree Projects, etc. which can be found in the RiuNet institutional repository

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