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Here you will find the necessary information to access computing resources of the UPV, depending if you are within the university itself or if you are located outside.

If you are away from the University

When you are away from the University you can still access your usual resources by using our Remote Access Service.

If you are within the University

Inside the campus of the UPV there are different locations from those that it can be connected to our net. The most extended is our wireless net that allows the connection of the users that they have portable computer with card wifi, or any wireless device that allows this connection type.

Besides the wireless net, the users have computers of public access in our libraries and also the possibility to use the computer classrooms in the case of the students.
The case of the personnel of the university will have access from its work positions or offices.
Consult the quick instructions to obtain more information in this respect and don't forget to make a good use of their connection according to the following one normative.

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