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All materials are freely accessible except for that stored in the library office for reasons of protection. It is not necessary to be a member of the university community of the UPV to use the library's collection.


In order to access the loan service, it is essential to belong to the university community and display your UPV card or ID. Remember that the UPV card is personal and non-transferable. The regulations governing the loan establish the loan periods which vary according to the type of user and the type of document, as shown in the following table.


Type of document

Loan Period

No. of renewals

Total items





15 days (Students 7 days, if there is a reservation)


30 items (in all libraries)


15 days


7 days, 3 days if there is a reservation



Academic year


65 items


Academic year

Users may have up to 30 copies on loan.

Journal fascicles are lent for 7 days.

There will be a one day penalty for each day of delay in the return and for each item.

There are three special loan periods a year, which coincide with the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays. During these periods the loan period is extended.

Each user can privately check their loan history through their personalised menu. That is, they can find out what documents they have borrowed, when did they borrow them and from what library.


The loan can be renewed up to six times, provided that the document is not reserved by another user, that it is within the limits of the loan period and the user is not sanctioned.

The renewal must be performed through the Polibuscador or from «My Account» on the Intranet.


Through this service users can reserve an item. To make the reservation, a copy must be searched on Polibuscador and go to section Locations > Request options > Hold .

When the loan period of the reserved item expires, and it has been formally returned, a notice is sent by email. The collection period is two business days, and the book must be collected at the library's loan desk.

Users can cancel their request from the waiting list of previously reserved copies from My Account > Requests > Cancel.


All members of the university community can request or suggest the purchase of documents

  • From My Account > Acquisitions for new documents.

  • From Polibuscador on the Request > Acquisition request tab to suggest the purchase of more copies of a document already existing in the catalogue (PoliBuscador).


My Account

The My Account service allows to check active loans, make renewals, delete books from the waiting list, suggest the purchase of documents, etc. It can be accessed in several ways:

  • Personal page of the user on the UPV's Intranet, in the section Library Services > My Account

  • "My Account" in Polibuscador once identified as user.


The e-Shelf service allows to store PoliBuscador records that they wish to keep. These are stored by default in the BASKET folder. In e-Shelf, they can create a folder directory to paste (copy/paste) or delete previously deposited records in the BASKET folder. It is also possible to:

  • export saved records to bibliographic or link managers: Easybib , Endnote (payment required), Delicious and RIS;

  • print them;

  • send them by e-mail;

How to save records?

From the results screen, PoliBuscador offers two different ways of saving records:

  • By pressing the star-shaped icon to the left of every record;

  • PoliBuscador > Catalogue > Locations > Actions > Add to e-Shelf


The Queries service stores the enquiries saved and can be re-run. From here, it is also possible to:

  • set alerts, that is, every time there are new records that match the search, PoliBuscador will send an email;

  • syndicate the content of the Queries. The subscription can be made from the same browser (dynamic bookmarks in Firefox, subscribe to sources in Explorer, etc.) or through content aggregator programmes (Feedly, Netvibes, etc.).

How to save enquiries?

An enquiry is saved through the option «Save query» that is available in the results screen of PoliBuscador. Beware! This option is only visible for logged in users.


The library offers Wi-Fi access, users may connect their laptops and devices to the UPVNET network which offers internet access and to the computer and bibliographic resources of the UPV. The library also has four computers with internet access. Their use is restricted to academic queries (electronic books, databases, electronic journals, etc.). Only email and the use of office and scientific applications is allowed. .

The Library also offers a computer to check out Final Degree Projects. This computer has the following software installed: Revit¿ 2014 and Autocad 2014.


Regulations for consultation of FDP:

  • They can only be accessed from the computer enabled for this purpose;

  • Material excluded from loan services;

  • Photocopies are not allowed.

The Final Degree Projects, Bachelor's Thesis and Master's Thesis submitted as of July 2011 can be checked at the Institutional Repository of the UPV: RIUNET or through: PoliBuscador > Digital Library > RiuNet.



The Central Library runs courses and sessions to advertise Library resources and help users improve their information search skills.



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