‘Be water, my friend… but don’t waste it’

The Universitat Politècnica de València celebrates Environment Week from 14 to 18 November 2022 to raise awareness about the importance of water and its proper use.

Under the slogan “Be water, my friend… but without wasting it“, the objective is to promote the importance of water as a non-renewable resource; to raise awareness among the university community on the proper use of water; to publicize the good environmental practices to save water carried out by the University, and to promote the participation of the university community by establishing proposals for the proper use of water at the UPV.

“Before they are gone”

The General Library hosts the exhibition “Before they are gone” by the photographer Ángel Grimaldi.

Born in the Atlantic, the ocean and its inhabitants have always been a source of inspiration for Grimaldi, who uses his work as a tool to connect the public with the silence that inhabits the oceans. His goal is to encourage the viewer to explore and admire his environment at a historical moment when humanity needs, more than ever, contact between art and the natural world.

In recent years he has embarked on a journey around the world, dedicating himself body and soul to capturing, through freediving and under natural light, the magic that emanates from the wild world before it disappears. His desaturated and intimate images brim with emotion, drama and a certain respect for the duality between beauty and the brutal power that exists in the oceans and nature.

Environmental Recognition 2021

This year, the environmental recognition went to the UPV Sports Service and the ICITECH environmental interlocutor, Daniel Tasquer Val, for their commitment to environmental management, for their excellent results in the internal audit and for the involvement and participation of the members of their units.

This recognition was implemented at the UPV in 2012. Its objective is to publicly recognize the efforts made by members of the university community.

The Environment Unit offers you a challenge

What do you know about the Environment Unit? Fill out a survey and pick up a gift at the information booths that will be on each campus of the UPV.

Student Survey

Staff survey

The gift can be picked up on November 16th in Alcoy, 17th in Valencia and 18th in Gandia. If you can not come to the Environment Unit in Valencia and in the Alcoy and Gandia student delegations, you can pick it up until the end of the year or the end of stock.