The challenge of decarbonization

The City Council and the UPV join to make Valencia a climate-neutral city by 2030.

Joan Ribó, Mayor of Valencia, and José E. Capilla, Rector of UPV, have signed the Valencia protocol as a climate-neutral city in 2030, an agreement that implies the alliance between the City Council and the UPV to make Valencia one of the 100 European cities selected by the European Commission next March to become climate neutral before 2030.

With this goal, from now on, the Vera campus will become a laboratory and test bed to generate knowledge about decarbonization and apply it in neighbourhoods, offer scientific advice and promote teaching and research projects.

Decarbonization, a key objective for global sustainability, consists of eliminating carbon from electricity production, proceeding to base it on alternative and clean energies so that there is a drastic reduction in emissions until only the amount that the planet is capable of absorbing.

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