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UPV ID card

The UPV ID card is obtained by registering in one of the study plans and doctoral programmes.

It is necessary to register as a student in the university to obtain the UPV ID card and other privileges offered by the UPV to its students.

You can only use one active UPV card. If you have activated a card with a lower priority than that of a doctoral student card, the card will be cancelled and replaced by the doctoral card. If the previously activated card has a higher priority than a doctoral card, then this card will remain active and no action by the doctoral student is required.

The card with the highest priority prevails, in accordance with the following list:

  • UPV ID. Retired
  • UPV ID. Teaching and researching staff (PDI)
  • UPV ID. Administration and service staff (PAS)
  • UPV ID. Researcher
  • UPV ID. Temporary lecturer
  • UPV ID. Member of Social Council
  • UPV ID. Doctoral student
  • UPV ID. Undergraduate and master’s degree student
  • UPV ID. Research grant holder
  • UPV ID. Staff from the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

The card is active from the moment that student registration has been validated.

Delivery of cards will be made at the Doctoral School. An email will be previously sent to the student.

The card is valid for several years, but becomes invalid at the end of a one-month grace period at the end of the academic course (including September) if a student has not re-registered, or has finished the period of study (presentation of a doctoral thesis).

The operation of the card is like a credit card. Once cancelled, or inactivated for whatever reason, it cannot be reactivated. A new card will be issued if the conditions of use are met.

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