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Research stays at UPV of external Phd students
Doctoral School Internationalization Research visits – mobility Research stays at UPV of external Phd students  ...

1. Your first step should be to contact with a UPV professor who will be your supervisor during your research stay. You can find the list of professors linked to each PhD programme at our website:

http://www.upv.es/entidades/EDOCTORADO/info/1007774normali.html ( for each programme you should acced to "Phd organization"-> " Research teams")

This professor will be the person in charge to send you an invitation letter.

Once you arrive at UPV you will get your accreditation data at the administrative office of the department of your supervisor.

2.If you are going to apply for an Erasmus grant at your home university, please contact with erasmus_doctorado@upv.es

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