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Dissident Visions. Experimental Architecture Exhibition. Collection of the FRAC Centre-Val de Loire (PAC 2018)

Dates: from 5 July to 10 September 2018
Location: ETSA Exhibitions Hall
Opening: Thursday 5 July at 12 am

The dissident vision transports us to a contemporary space and, in turn, full of nostalgia. It is a re-reading of an architecture that seems distant but with many points of contact with the discourses and currents of the architectural present.

The aim of this exhibition is to expose and raise questions about the current perception on architecture - the way the architecture are thought and taught over the past decades architectures schools and concepts of our own times brought us to an understanding that we are coming back to the same dream - reexamining the same standards just in a different timeline.

Because of this the younger generation are also present, in order to establish the connection between the contemporary and historical experimental figures, because their reasons of creation are still relevant and how they still need to have its roots in common.

The structure of the exhibition allows examining of the works in three different approaches: individual freedom, collective constructions and architecture as an event. Each category is observed through the vision of a different artist and linked to one or more of three global categories.

The space is drawn up by these three structures allowing the visitor to realize the visions that go beyond the limits of a predefined architecture and urbanism that could not be understood in a linear or chronological way, but rather it is the timeless vision that let us recognize the connections and differences between them. The aim is to redirect the vision of architecture to the importance of the individual as an unpredictable subject and not as a consequence of a pre-established system.

The dissident vision, often dwarfed by a historical context, since the 60s, that galloped through modern movements and doctrines, tries to recover the protagonism and transport us to an atmosphere that unquestionably influences the current architectural reality.


Opening Hours: 10-14 h / 15-19 h

Flyer Dissident Visions: http://www.upv.es/entidades/ACU/info/U0787591.pdf

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