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Seminario de investigación: Colaboración Universidad y Sociedad civil para la transformación social

Seminario de investigación:Desde la praxis y hacia la praxis: enfoque de investigación social trasformadora

Fecha: 26/10 Hora: 12.00

Lugar: Instituto Ingenio.

Duración estimada: 90 minutos.


Several research fields, among which Management and International Development Studies, emerged from the need for practitioners, decision-makers and policy-makers to make research-informed, potentially better decisions, and to improve praxis. This seminar will discuss the praxis-research interface, from epistemological, ontological, social, and practical perspectives. Based on a review of the literature and on the presenter’s experience, it will discuss the potential and the challenges of what a transformative social research would be.

Emmanuel Raufflet (Professor, Management and sustainable development, HEC Montréal) has experience in collaborating with several organizations from the private, governmental, and civil society around organization-specific, domain specific, as well as policy-related issues. His work has been published in The Journal Of Management Studies, International Journal of Management Reviews, the Journal of Business Ethics, among others. He has edited several books, authored and co-authored more than 40 chapters and authored around teaching 50 cases. He has coedited special issues of The Journal of Business Ethics, and Management Decision. He is a member of Crises (Research Centre on Social Innovation), Montréal, Canada.   

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