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Preenrolment period 2020/2021
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From 15 May 2020 - Until 15 October 2020

Exceptionally and for justified reasons, applications may be submitted from 16 November 2020 until 31 March 2021, considering that the date of admission (on the record) shall be the date the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme validates the admission.

  • During the exceptional period, a document prepared by the applicant must be included, stating the reasons why the document was not presented or could not be submitted to the general period
  • The applicant shall be summoned for enrolment automatically as soon as the admission has been validated. A period of 10 days for enrolment is established.
  • The validation date of enrolment is also included in the student's file.

Admissions shall be valid during the academic year requested and for the next one.

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