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Préstamo interbibliotecario y obtención de documentos
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Préstamo interbibliotecario

The interlibrary lending service can be used to obtain a document not held in UPV collections, but available from another library anywhere in the world.

You can request copies of journal articles, chapters or parts of books, presentations and conference communications and apply to borrow originals (monographs and theses).

Excluded from this service are easy-to-acquire or recently published documents, reference works, old, valuable and fragile materials, or any which require special conditions for their conservation, insurance etc., as well as patents and standards, complete volumes of journals and electronic books.

Provision of this service is determined by current copyright legislation, licences signed between UPV and publishers and the terms and conditions of the issuing centre.

Documents requested through this service may only be used for private, teaching or research purposes. Copying and use shall comply with current legislation and intellectual property rights.

ILL for other libraries

The Interlibrary Loan Service provides documents from the UPV bibliographic collections to other libraries anywhere in the world.

Libraries that do not belong to REBIUN or NILDE can request documents through the e-mail account prest@bib.upv.es

We accept the payment in IFLA vouchers and the establishment of reciprocal relationships of gratuity.

For all queries, please contact us by email to prest@bib.upv.es.

ILL for other users

It is aimed at researchers not linked to the UPV, public or private entities, etc.

Users must first request the registration of the service, providing all personal and contact information required by the Service.

Both the request for registration and the request for documents will be made through the email account prest@bib.upv.es

They can request documents from the UPV (articles and book chapters) as well as from other libraries (articles, book chapters and originals) that allow it.

The user must request, by bank transfer, the import of the requested document, as a step prior to initiating the loan procedures.

Document delivery

Copies of articles, book chapters, etc. shall preferably be delivered in electronic format (PDF) unless copyright restrictions or publisher terms and conditions specify printed versions. In such cases, users must go to the library in person to collect the document.

To obtain books, theses and all other original documents, users must visit the service in person.

Consult the fees for getting documents through the Interlibrary Lending Service.


Further information

For all queries contact us by email to prest@bib.upv.es.

For further information go to Ask a librarian service.

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