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Loans, renewals and reserves

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If you are an Alumni, chartered professional, UPV student, external staff, student of the University of the Third Age or you belong to the other collectives linked to UPV you are entitled to borrow, renew and reserve documents. You can also use study cabins if you need a space for group work.

Document loans, renewals and reserves


Members of Alumni and other groups linked to the UPV can borrow up to a maximum of 30 documents. Books have a 15-day loan period, while a 7-day loan applies to films and journals. If there are reservations, such period is reduced to 7 days for study books and 3 days for films. The loan is not reduced in the case of literature books.

Delays in the return will be a one-day suspension per day of delay for each of the items from the date of return.


You may renew a document’s loan up to a maximum of 4 months of time (2 months in the case of films and journals), provided they do not have any reservation and that you you have not any suspension or are in possession of any overdue documents.

To do this, just log into PoliBuscador> My Library> Loans> Renew. If the renewal option is not displayed in any of the documents, it is because it is reserved for another user, you have reached the limit of allowed renewals or you are in an overdue situation.

You also have automatic auto-renewal active: items will automatically renew two days before their due date, extending their loan period from their original due dates. If items cannot be renewed, you will receive an email with the due date.


If you are interested in a borrowed document, you can book it through PoliBuscador: log in, locate the document in the catalogue, click on the option "reserve" and choose the library where you would like to collect it. As soon as the reserved book is assigned to you, you will receive an email and a period of two working days to collect it at the loan desk.

IMPORTANT! The reservation of a document applies to the library whose copies of such document are currently on loan. If there are documents available in other centres, you must go in person to be able to take them on loan.

Those books located in the Store Room must be reserved even if they are not on loan. In general, they are given out during the day; when they are available for collection you will receive an email informing you to go to the loan desk, as in the case of reservations.

Group study cabins

Most UPV libraries offer a study booths loan service for those who need to work in groups (minimum 2 people).

To apply for this loan, please go to the corresponding Library desk. In this link you will find more information about the group work spaces available.

Loan of devices

Most UPV libraries loan devices like headphones, mouses and Mac and Toshiba chargers.


For further information, Ask a librarian

You can also consult Types of loan and FAQ on loans.

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