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The Building Engineering Library has a collection of approximately 11,000 copies, including monographs, reference items, language books, and multimedia material. There is a collection of Final Degree Projects and Journals.

Organisation and planning

The collection is arranged by materials whose distribution corresponds to the subjects taught at the School, with special focus to everything related to construction and its regulations.

Each subject has a cupboard or set of shelves assigned in which the books are grouped. Within each cupboard the copies are arranged by a sequence of currens numbers.

The signature or identification number of each copy consists of the cupboard number, plus the currens number or order number inside the cupboard and the letter of the room in which it is located.

That is, T 2-21/260, is the signature of the following copy:

Bellmunt i Ribas, Rafael y Paricio i Casademunt, Antonio. Reconocimiento, diagnosis e intervención en fachadas : línea de investigación de la construcción existente, which indicates that:

  • «T» is the letter corresponding to the Building Engineering Library.

  • «2-21» refers to the Construction cupboard.

  • «260» is the copy number inside the cupboard.

To locate the materials available in our library and in the rest of UPV libraries Polibuscador can be used from any of the Library computers

Here you can check the thematic directory according to which the collection of the Building Engineering Library is arranged on the shelves.


Polibuscador is the bibliographic search engine of the UPV.

You can search books, journals, audiovisual media, electronic resources and recommended bibliography through PoliBuscador. It also provides access to Primo Central (a database with hundreds of millions of electronic resources) and to the contents of the RiuNet institutional repository (doctoral theses submitted at the UPV, Bachelor's Thesis/Master's Thesis, etc.).

PoliBuscador also has A-Z listings and thematic directories from data bases and e-journals.

Polibuscador is also the interface of the library's personalised services, and allows to: renew loans, reserve lent items, request the purchase of new copies, etc., through the «My Account» menu.

Please check the Guide of information resources in Building Engineering (sp).


The bibliography recommended by the professors for the Degree in Technical Architecture and Master's in Building Engineering can be checked in Polibuscador > Course bibliography.


E-book search in PoliBuscador:

  • PoliBuscador > Digital Library > Electronic books

  • PoliBuscador > Global search. In the results page, apply the filter «Electronic resources» and narrow it down with "Type of document": e-book. The results will be greater as, in addition to e-books subscribed by the Library, free e-books will also be displayed.

  • PoliBuscador > Digital library > Databases. To access the e-book portals of a certain publisher or to aggregator (platforms common to several publishers).

E-books and e-books portals, selected by the Building Engineering Library.


The Library has its own collection of journals on paper format, which can be consulted in-room and can be borrowed for three days. Journals are sorted alphabetically by title. Should you to photocopy it, please ask at the desk.

These are the titles available. Some of the issues are not available for in-room viewing, if you would like to consult them please ask at the desk.


Electronic journals can be accessed, as already mentioned, through PoliBuscador > Digital Library > Electronic journals. It can also be accessed from the link located at the top of PoliBuscador, E-journals A-Z.

To access a specific electronic journal portal, then go to: PoliBuscador > Digital library > Databases : Science direct, Wiley online, Emerald, etc.

The following journals specialised in Architecture, Design and Construction are available in full text on the internet.

Also for a more exhaustive content, you may access the Digital Newspaper archive of the Building Engineering Library.


The Library is the depository of the Final Degree Projects submitted at this School.These are FDP in paper and on CD-ROM format. The Library currently holds around 4,800 projects. Their access is restricted; they are excluded from the loan service and can only be consulted in-room. They are protected by the Intellectual Property Act so copies of the same are not allowed.

FDPs can be found through PoliBuscador. If a «Global Search» is performed, it is advisable to select from the «All items» drop-down menu, the "Academic works" option. The search can also be performed from the PoliBuscador > Catalogue. Once PoliBuscador has returned the results, the following filters must be checked:

  • Type of document: «Trabajos Académicos» (Academic Papers).

  • Library: «Bib. Ingeniería de Edificación» (Building Engineering Library).

As of July 2011 the Bachelor' thesis and Master's thesis can be found in, RiuNet, the institutional repository of the UPV.

Please, see support guides: How to find an Academic Paper (sp) and Centres for the study of Valencian buildings (sp).


  • AENORmás (Norweb) (UNE Standards)

    The AENOR standards are included in the AENORmás (Norweb) database, subscribed by the UPV Library. Structural EUROCODES can also be consulted in Aenor's technical standards database.

    Other key information :

    • AENORmás allows unlimited number of concurrent users;

    • AENORmás provides read-only access to Standards. The standard PDF can not be downloaded, copied, or printed.

    Downloading and printing of technical standards. Those UPV users who want to download or print standards will have 2 ways to do it:

  • ASTM compass The ASTM Digital Library is a collection of standards, journals, and ebooks (technical papers, manuals, monographs and data series). Journals available :

    • Advances in Civil Engineering Materials (ACEM);

    • Cement, Concrete and Aggregates (CCA);

    • Geotechnical Testing Journal (GTJ);

    • Journal of ASTM International (JAI);

    • Journal of Composites,Technology & Research (JCTR);

    • Journal of Forensic Sciences (JOFS);

    • Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JOTE);

    • Materials Performance and Characterization (MPC).

  • IEEE standards. Standards developed by (IEEE ) and IEE

Please check our guide : How to find an UNE Standard (sp)

Please watch an informative video about ASTM Standards, Digital Library and Training

Video by © ASTM, { ASTM Compass ¿ }.


Basic regulation

For more information, please check the Guide for Building Legislation developed by the Library.

To search European, national or regional legislative provisions we also recommend the Aranzadi database (subscription database, allows one concurrent user), the legislative database of the BOE (Official Spanish Gazette). Also the legislative codes of the BOE.

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