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The collection of the Library of the School of Agricultural Engineering and Environment contains approximately 20.000 items including monographs, reference works, maps, language books, videos and multimedia material. There is, also, a collection of final degree projects and journals.


The book collection is organised by subject. Each subject has its own bookshelf or set of bookshelves, in which the books are sorted by successive numbers. Each subject has a separate numbering sequence

Subject directory of the Agricultural Engineering and Environment Library.

Books are searched on PoliBuscador by entering one or more words into the search box :

You can narrow the search by pre-selecting different filters on the dropdown menus in each search box:

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Physical location of the book

Besides facilitating the bibliographic identification of books, PoliBuscador gives us their physical location on the bookshelf, thanks to the call number that is visible in the bibliographic record, in the following section: Get it > Location items.

Interpreting the call number

For example, the call number R 1-14/00156, for the book Lehninger, Albert L., et al. (2019). Principios de bioquímica, is interpreted as follows:

The letter corresponds to the Agricultural Engineering and Environment Library

Biochemistry subject bookshelf

Sequential order on the bookshelf





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Virtual Bookshelves

Virtual bookkshelves are a selection of e-books and e-journals with subjects related to the bachelor’s degrees that are taught in the School of Agricultural Engineering and Environment..

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