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Every minute, one million plastic bottles are sold around the world. Each bottle takes at least almost half a century to decompose. Only 9% of plastic water bottles are converted into recycled plastic.

And what do you do? Join the #UPVPlasticfree #Mylastbottle challenge

The Universitat Politècnica de València launches the UPV Water mobile application to reduce the university community’s consumption of plastic water bottles. One more step to becoming, in the year 2030, a carbon-neutral university, free of CO2 emissions.

The application is designed by the company born at the UPV, Closca, and adapted to the needs of the University by ASIC staff. Through the game, it is intended that a plastic-free university is achieved through the game, meeting a series of challenges.

#UPVPlasticfree and SDG 12

As the vice-rector for Sustainable Development of the UPV Campuses, Débora Domingo Calabuig, explains “the reduction of plastic is significant because we curb the carbon emission that the manufacture of the bottles entails and we also work in parallel with the Sustainable Development Goal number 12 that seeks to guarantee sustainable consumption and production patterns”.

Every time a bottle is filled, the application provides information on the benefits of this action to the environment. Thus, the mobile application indicates “how much plastic you have just saved the planet and how much CO2 has been stopped emitting. The application is associated with the user’s registration and provides some environmental impact figures”, explains the vice-rector. It works with any container that is used. These are the links to download the application on Android and iOS.

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